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Art for Answers


*  People in life transitions wishing to create a vision for their lives, whatever        life season.

*  Individuals who have “lost” themselves along their journey and are looking      to find their passion/purpose and live a more fulfilling life.

*  Career seekers and changers, who want to use their creative talents and          abilities in a new and successful career or business.

*  Individuals who are coming into the next phase of their healing work                (healing from emotional wounds, relationship breakup, grief, health issues) 


Using creativity as a tool for self-exploration and self-expression, our experienced facilitators will lead you on a transformational and unforgettable journey.


All you need bring is your desire to relax, laugh, play and learn. Please wear casual comfortable clothing (you may get paint on your clothes.) Optional: Please bring any items you may wish to incorporate into your artwork which are special to you, such as photos, mementos etc.

Who benefits from an Art for Answers Workshop?

"Deb created an atmosphere of complete trust within the group. For me this experience has been life-changing." Jennifer Rothwell


"I have genuinely enjoyed the workshop. I have prioritized my life into sections and am more efficient and get goals and activities done. This makes me feel a great achievement and I know I am on the right path for my positive future. Thank you Deb - All the best for the Future." Atawhai Whatu


"This is a VERY excellent workshop - it has brought much inspiration and provided tools for releasing negatives and creating positive future actions as well as discovering self sabotaging behaviours. AMAZING! Thank you."

"This course saved me! Recommended for anyone going through change or a difficult time in life! AMAZING! :)


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