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"Art for Answers"

"Deb created an atmosphere of complete trust within the group. For me this experience has been life-changing." Jennifer Rothwell


"I have genuinely enjoyed the workshop. I have prioritized my life into sections and am more efficient and get goals and activities done. This makes me feel a great achievement and I know I am on the right path for my positive future. Thank you Deb - All the best for the Future." Atawhai Whatu


"This is a VERY excellent workshop - it has brought much inspiration and provided tools for releasing negatives and creating positive future actions as well as discovering self sabotaging behaviours. AMAZING! Thank you."

"This course saved me! Recommended for anyone going through change or a difficult time in life! :)

"Unleash the Artist Within"

"I only got into one of Deb's Creativity Workshops when someone else pulled out, and I'm really glad I got the chance. I guess I'm like a lot of people who deny or doubt they have any creative artistic spark, but Deb enabled me to surprise myself. She skilfully read the group, and laid on a venue, atmosphere, setting, and subtle challenge that allowed me to get out of my head, and into an "ideas" frame of mind. Her skill as an artist made it easy for me to present the idea onto a canvas.  As a group we had a great day, and I came away with something that perfectly captured the moment, and that I still feel inspired by every time I look at it."    Jason Roxburgh

"I absolutely loved the art process. In the past I have experimented a little bit with art, but have never felt that I was able to get into the flow of just having fun and seeing what comes. It has always been stressful and frustrating.

But with all the beautiful range of different materials supplied, coupled with Debs easy going encouraging approach, I was able to relax and have some fun with it. The bonus is I really LOVE the piece of art I created!" Karyn Sneddon, Auckland

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