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Debs bold and evocative art works are influenced by her love of the environment and her interest in intrapersonal dynamics. Sometimes confrontational, her work is characterized by her use of colour, her often brash brush work and her mark making. “Sometimes I call a piece of art complete simply because I like the lines and the mood it conveys.”

She works from her home studio in the majestic King Country, where she also runs workshops in a variety of different creative mediums.

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Testimonials for Workshops

"I only got into one of Deb's Creativity Workshops when someone else pulled out, and I'm really glad I got the chance. 

I guess I'm like a lot of people who deny or doubt they have any creative artistic spark, but Deb enabled me to surprise myself. She skilfully read the group, and laid on a venue, atmosphere, setting, and subtle challenge that allowed me to get out of my head, and into an "ideas" frame of mind. Her skill as an artist made it easy for me to present the idea on a canvas.


As a group we had a great day, and I came away with something that perfectly captured the moment, and that I still feel inspired by every time I look at it."   JR Thames

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