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In this workshop you are free to experiment and be spontaneous in whatever way you like. You will learn mixed media basics such as collage, different acrylic applications, creative backgrounds, texturing, layering, integrating found objects, scribbling and more.


This is a totally relaxed workshop, there is no right or wrong way to create your piece of art, you just “go with the flow” and enjoy playing with the wide range of beautiful materials provided.

No previous experience required. All work will be completed on the day of the workshop. 

Introduction to Mixed Media


"I absolutely loved the art process. In the past I have experimented a little bit with art, but have never felt that I was able to get into the flow of just having fun and seeing what comes. It has always been stressful and frustrating. But with all the beautiful range of different materials supplied, coupled with Debs easy going encouraging approach, I was able to relax and have some fun with it. The bonus is I really LOVE the piece of art I created!" KS, Auckland

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